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What is the chain of power transmission within a Linear Actuator?

The starting power that comes into the Actuator is the electrical power first and foremost, This is usually AC or DC voltage with the majority of Linear Actuators running on DC Power. 12v DC is probably the most common voltage used and the amount of Current been supplied is directly related to how much power the Actuator is able to [...]

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Most Common Uses for Linear Actuator?

Material Handling The many uses for a linear actuator have improved automation in the workplace. It streamlines manufacturing while lowering the cost of production. The electric linear actuators have transformed into a vital and necessary tool to achieve optimal material handling. Linear actuators are responsible for moving loads from point A to point B. The electromechanical version has the [...]

What is an electric linear actuator?

Introduction The linear actuator is a new type of linear actuator composed of a motor push rod and a control device. It can be considered as an extension of the rotating motor in terms of structure.It can be used as an executive machine in various simple or complex technological processes to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control. [...]

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