FY023 Electric Hydraulic Actuator 8000N 500mm Industrial Heavy Duty 12 Volt

FY023 industrial miniature electro-hydraulic push rod is an ultra-miniature transmission mechanism integrating mechanical, electrical and hydraulic. The maximum load is 8000N, the stroke is 150~350mm, and the IP67 dust-proof and waterproof design is adopted. It can better adapt to the field environment and is suitable for reciprocating push-pull linear (or reciprocating rotation of a certain angle) movement. It uses a DC12V or DC24V micro DC motor to drive a two-way micro gear pump for oil supply. All hydraulic valves adopt a threaded plug-in structure and can be designed according to user requirements. The combination of oil circuits with different functions can meet their working requirements. The push rod is self-locking, can be stopped at any position within the stroke range, and can be remotely controlled. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, low failure rate, and convenient operation.


FY mm n Industrial Heavy Duty Volt Electric Hydraulic Linear Actuator

Product features:
Wide range of applications: suitable for any working environment Cost-effective: economical and good value for money Small size: small footprint, saving construction space Easy to move: stable performance and high integration Function Description: 1. The piston rod rises and retracts when the motor is rotating forward. 2. When the power supply is disconnected, the hydraulic lock shape starts to lock the piston rod and cannot rise or shrink. 3. The built-in relief valve effectively protects the motor from misoperation to adjust the pressure 4. The fully enclosed oil sac can be rotated 360° without oil leakage.
installation dimension linear actuator

Shopping guide

1. Determine the voltage: There are multiple choices of DC 12V 24 36V 48V 72V. 2. Determine the stroke of the push rod, that is, the range of motion of the push rod, which can be customized according to your requirements. 3. Determine the pushing speed of the putter. Different speeds correspond to different strengths. The details are introduced. You can also consult online or leave a message to me. The power of the putter is related to the speed. The faster the speed, the smaller the power, and the slower the speed, the greater the power. The two are inversely proportional. Buyers can choose the appropriate speed and thrust motor according to the following parameter table:

FY V electric linear actuator

Additional information





Input Voltage

48V/36V/24V/12V DC

Limit Switches




Type of Duty

10%,2min.on / 18min.off

Protection Class


Load Capacity


Operation Temperature





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