FY022 12V Small Linear Actuator

FY022 JDR hot sale 2 stages 24v DC 2000n telescopic push rod bed tilting electric 12volt hall effect linear actuator can effectively protect against dust and water.


v DC n telescopic push rod bed tilting electric volt hall effect linear actuator

FY022 2 stages 24v DC 2000n telescopic push rod bed tilting electric 12volt hall effect linear actuator can effectively protect against dust and water. It uses dual Hall pulse sensor electric push rods to realize programming, read the running distance of the push rods, and realize multiple electric push rods at the same time zero error lifting. Achieve the effect of complete synchronization; Seiko-made aluminum alloy material, solid appearance, precise structure design, integrated construction, convenient installation, and meticulous workmanship; Low-noise design adopts double worm gear transmission structure, which fundamentally solves the problem of high noise when the push rod is working.

Shopping guide

1. Determine the voltage: There are multiple choices of DC 12V 24 36V 48V 72V. 2. Determine the stroke of the push rod, that is, the range of motion of the push rod, which can be customized according to your requirements. 3. Determine the pushing speed of the putter. Different speeds correspond to different strengths. The details are introduced. You can also consult online or leave a message to me. The power of the putter is related to the speed. The faster the speed, the smaller the power, and the slower the speed, the greater the power. The two are inversely proportional. Buyers can choose the appropriate speed and thrust motor according to the following parameter table:

FY linear actuator DC V

FY V DC linear actuator mm stroke

Product features
1. DC permanent magnet motor, simple and compact structure, made of pure metal stainless steel seamless steel tube, sturdy and durable;
2. Optional input voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V DC;
3. According to the use requirements, the optional speed is from 5mm/s to 80mm/s;
4. Customizable itinerary (Stroke);
5. The maximum load is 2000N;
6. Normal temperature: -15 ℃ to 45 ℃;
7. Optional signal feedback type: potentiometer, Hall;
8. With built-in travel switch, there is a good self-locking function, no sliding or slipping;
9. The equipment has an overcurrent protection function;
10. The protection level is IP65:
(1) Product powder alloy gear, high strength, long life, wear resistance;
(2) Passed CE certification, salt spray, waterproof, temperature test, with anti-corrosion function;
11. The slider can be customized before and after the product, and the selection is flexible and unlimited;
12. This product is widely used in various quiet environment places.

Additional information

Input Voltage

72V/48V/36V/24V/12V DC

Load Capacity


Limit Switches


Protection Class


Type of Duty

10%,2min.on / 18min.off



Operation Temperature





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