Column Lifts have many application opportunities from lifting projectors, and podiums to lifting devices out of cabinets such as an appliance garage.

JDR’s Lifting columns have a compact and clean design with great optional Remote Control possibilities. They provide optimal ergonomics in applications for office, home and industrial markets along with the hospital and care sector. Furthermore, column lifts can be used upside down to lift objects up such as for Projector lifts.

Our Column lift is a compact 3-section lifting column, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of different applications because the 3 sections allow the closed retracted length to be quite short compared to the stroke of the Column Lift.

The Column Lift is controlled with a simple plug-in programmable controller with arrow up and down buttons as well as memory positions and a digital readout showing position. Simply press the button and watch the lift raise quietly and effortlessly. Using the programmable controller, you can set certain pre-determined heights.