FY018 Lifting Column Electric 6000N

FY018 Aluminum profile synchronous table leg lifting column electric lifting platform square electric actuator is a lifting column product, which combines the push rod product and the column in an innovative way to realize the conversion from manual mode to electric mode. The two-section outer tube can provide stable action, and can provide the smallest installation size and long stroke.


FY linear actuator

fy linear actuator Product features

Shopping guide: (all models can be customized according to needs)
The first step: select the S value (10 to 1200mm) of the range of movement of the electric push rod is optional
Step 2: Select the voltage of the electric push rod: the voltage is available (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V)
The third step: select the electric push rod thrust and speed, the greater the thrust requirements, the slower the speed. The following is optional
The above is the maximum force for vertical installation or horizontal installation within a 500mm stroke. If installed at an oblique angle, the thrust will be reduced according to the degree of inclination. The pulling force is less than the thrust force, which is about 3/5 of the thrust force.) Please choose a suitable one.
The fourth step: As each customer has different uses, the optional accessories need to be purchased separately. The commonly used options are: electric push rod + mounting brackets at both ends + controller + DC power supply
The mounting brackets at both ends are divided into: H-shaped bracket and U-shaped bracket
The controller is divided into: manual, remote control, manual remote control dual purpose, timing, mobile APP, etc.
Step 5: Choose your required stroke S value parameters, voltage parameters, speed and thrust parameters and fill in the message column of the order submission. The format example is as follows:
For example, the required stroke: 100mm, putter voltage 12V, speed 5mm/sec, thrust 1500N

The price of optional accessories is different due to different functions.

For other parameters, please consult customer service or leave a message.

Additional information


Black / Gray

Load Capacity


Limit Switches


Protection Class


Type of Duty

10%,2min.on / 18min.off



Operation Temperature





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