FY015C 12V DC Electric Linear Actuator

FY015C linear actuator heavy duty is an extremely important product in the industry. The maximum load is 8000N, and the IP67 protection level can be very dustproof and waterproof. The product adopts a DC permanent magnet motor, which is small in structure and durable. It is especially suitable for occasions with harsh environments and large output load requirements. Highlight the superior product performance, so that the product has good versatility in special vehicles, new energy, environmental protection and other industries. The super protection ability can also be easily dealt with in the application of the shipbuilding industry.


volt V volt V V N IP lifting tubular small size limit switches linear actuator heavy duty

1. DC permanent magnet motor, simple and compact structure, made of pure metal stainless steel seamless steel tube, sturdy and durable;

2. Optional input voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V/72V DC;
3. According to the use requirements, the optional speed is from 7.5-20mm/s;
4. Customizable itinerary (Stroke 100-1200 mm);
5. The maximum thrust load is 8000N;
6. Normal temperature: -15 ℃ to 45 ℃;
7. Optional signal feedback type: potentiometer, Hall;
8. Built-in travel switch, with good self-locking function, will not slide or slip;
9. The equipment has an overcurrent protection function;
10. The protection level is IP67:
(1) Product powder alloy gears, high strength, long life and wear resistance;
(2) Passed CE certification, salt spray, waterproof, temperature test, with anti-corrosion function;
11. The slider can be customized before and after the product, and the selection is flexible and unlimited;
12. This product is widely used; special vehicles, mining properties, environmental sanitation industry, etc.
fy015c installation dimension

Additional information

Input Voltage

72V/48V/36V/24V/12V DC



Limit Switches


Type of Duty

10%,2min.on / 18min.off

Operation Temperature


Load Capacity



Black / Gray

Protection Class





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