FY014D 3000N 24V/12V DC Linear Actuator

FY014D low-noise permanent magnet DC motor driven worm gear and worm drive mechanical lift. It has the characteristics of small size, lighter weight, large torque and large stroke. The range of travel options is large, and with the controller, any height adjustment in the lifting position can be realized, meeting the needs of free adjustment of the lifting height of the product. It is most widely used in the fields of display stand, medical equipment, mechanical equipment and so on.


FYD linear actuator product advantage

Functions and features:
1. Aluminum alloy material, compact structure design
2. Light weight, adopts DC motor gear reduction
3. Built-in limit switch, can realize automatic stop at the end of the stroke
4. Itinerary can be customized, easy to install and easy to operate
5. Low noise, green and environmental protection

Shopping guide

1. Determine the voltage: There are multiple choices of DC 12V 24 36V 48V 72V.
2. Determine the stroke of the push rod, that is, the range of motion of the push rod, which can be customized according to your requirements.
3. Determine the pushing speed of the putter. Different speeds correspond to different powers. The details are described in the details. You can also consult online or leave a message to me.
The power of the putter is related to the speed. The faster the speed, the smaller the power, and the slower the speed, the greater the power. The two are inversely proportional. Buyers can choose the appropriate speed and thrust motor according to the following parameter table:

FYD DC V actuator linear

Additional information

Input Voltage

24V/12V DC

Max Speed


Type of Duty

10%,2min.on / 18min.off


Black / Gray

Head Fixture

Normal or 2 Iron Sheet

Protection Class




Limit Switches


Operation Temperature



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