Since the motor linear actuator needs to reciprocate when the loading and unloading work is completed, if the self-locking function is not good enough, the motor linear actuator is easily detached during the shaking process. So how do we tell if its self-locking function is good or bad?

The motor linear actuator structure is relatively compact, so the installation is convenient, the occupied space is small, and the maintenance is convenient. Due to its high overload protection capability, it can work under load; the way to establish a hydraulic lock. In the loop, a two-way hydraulic lock is provided, and the heating rod of the bolt can be stopped at any position within a fixed range and self-locking, but the force of the entire output does not change.

The push rod and speed of the motor linear actuator can be adjusted freely, and the driving range is still wide. During the operation of the electro-hydraulic push rod, if the power is cut off, the push rod will automatically lock, thus effectively avoiding unnecessary accidents, so the full hydraulic rolling is used, so it is used. The movement will be more flexible and smoother, not only effectively reducing external shocks, but also improving the accuracy of the entire stroke control. In the entire working environment, the condition of dust and water does not increase, so the interior does not rust. This extends the life of the motor linear actuator.

In our daily life, in addition to the common motor linear actuator such as heavy-duty electric push rods and hydraulic push rods, there has recently been a force-induced electric push rod that automatically adjusts the running speed according to the force. The principle is based on externally given force feedback, or voltage electromagnetic pulse induction feedback, the received feedback is passed through the electronic induction system installed in the motor linear actuator, and then the optimal reciprocating frequency is analyzed, and the PLC circuit of the electric push rod is performed. change. This type of induction electric push rod is usually used in the relatively high-end electric care sofas that are currently seen in the market to calculate the lightness and severity of the care according to the weight of the person.