You can call us to get some help or you can email us, or you can browse through our many Actuator products pages to get a feel for all the different types we have available to you. Typically when choosing the ideal Linear Actuator you start off with the force. This is the force you think you need to lift or move the object you require moving. As a rule of thumb, we always suggest to people to buy the electric actuator that offers double the force you think you need, thereby allowing for a 50% safety factor. From there you will also need to know the actuators stroke length. This is the length you need to move your object in and out. If the exact Stroke length is not available then you can install an external limit switch to stop the actuator exactly where you want it to. We offer this kit also and the wiring diagram to go with it which is very easy to follow. You also need to think about the IP-Rating you need for your linear actuator. This will depend on how harsh the conditions your actuator will operate in.

There are a few variables to consider, please email us any diagrams, sketches, etc. and we will be glad to help.