With the introduction of foreign technology, the rapid improvement of domestic economic strength and people’s living standards in the micro electric push rod industry, people are increasingly pursuing automation and intelligence in industrial products, furniture, daily necessities and other aspects to achieve the principle of comfort. Therefore, many engineers or technical research and development personnel regard the micro electric push rod as the choice in research and development. In the selection of technical control, we not only want to know some parameters, but also want to know the structural principle of micro electric linear actuator to promote research and development. Today, I would like to introduce the working structural principle of electric linear actuator.

Micro electric linear actuator is a kind of electric driving device which transforms the rotary motion of motor into the linear reciprocating motion of push rod. It can be used in various simple or complex processes as executive machinery to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control.

The main structure of micro electric linear actuator is composed of drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut, guide sleeve, push rod, sliding seat, spring, shell, turbine, micro motion control switch, etc.

Working principle of micro electric linear actuator

After the motor is decelerated by gears, it drives a pair of screw nuts. The rotary motion of the motor is changed into a linear motion, and the push rod action is completed by using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. Such as through various levers, rocker or connecting rod and other mechanisms, it can complete complex actions such as rotation and shaking. The stroke can be increased or increased by changing the length of lever arm.