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How Are JDR Linear Actuators Made?

A linear actuator creates motion in a straight line. It is widely used in machine tools and industrial applications. Recently, with the rise of electric linear actuators, more and more industries have begun to use them to automate their applications. For example, linear actuators are used in the renewable energy industry to tilt panels towards the sun for optimal [...]

Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuator

Since linear actuators entered into the aerospace industry, manufacturers have been able to push, pull, and hold objects in a way that our bodies cannot. By converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, linear actuators allow jobs to be completed swiftly, without manual work. They can push, pull, and hold objects with greater force, speed, and precision and can be operated [...]

Linear Actuator In Medical Applications:Linear Actuators In Patient Lifts, Beds, And Tables

Moving a patient in a hospital or medical facility doesn’t always involve racing down a hallway with the patient in a wheelchair or on a gurney. Very often, a patient simply needs to be moved from a lying or sitting position to a standing position (or vice-versa). Even for patients who possess some degree of mobility, assistance is often [...]

New Trend on Linear Actuator Field – Electric Hydraulic Actuator

Today’s linear actuators are not only designed to operate in the harshest conditions and comply with the latest industry standards, but also to deliver even greater degrees of accuracy, reliability, and safety Which makes them essential to your business. More and more farm machine manufacturers and construction machines start to use electric hydraulic linear actuators. Why do machine builders [...]

How To Distinguish Linear Actuator Self-locking?

Since the motor linear actuator needs to reciprocate when the loading and unloading work is completed, if the self-locking function is not good enough, the motor linear actuator is easily detached during the shaking process. So how do we tell if its self-locking function is good or bad? The motor linear actuator structure is relatively compact, so the installation is [...]

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Improve Your Posture With An Ergonomic Electric Height-adjustable Desks

A height-adjustable desk allows individuals to improve their posture and fight against the harmful effects of sedentariness. Electric columns for ergonomic desks are designed to operate smoothly and silently and enable users to adjust their desks with a simple command. Electric desks for an ergonomic posture Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular with users. An increased sedentary lifestyle has pushed [...]

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What is the chain of power transmission within a Linear Actuator?

The starting power that comes into the Actuator is the electrical power first and foremost, This is usually AC or DC voltage with the majority of Linear Actuators running on DC Power. 12v DC is probably the most common voltage used and the amount of Current been supplied is directly related to how much power the Actuator is able to [...]

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Why your standing desk won’t go up & how to fix it?

1. Object is in the way You may have something that's mounted above the desk that's stopping it from traveling upwards. The typical culprits are mounted shelves, cabinets, or artwork. As a safety measure, many standing desks have a collision detection feature that prevents the desk from hitting another object. When it detects an object in the way, the table [...]

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What Is The Standard Desk Height?

Knowing the standard desk height can help, but determining the correct desk height for you is a more important, and trickier, task. Add in trying to figure out if you need a monitor arm and/or keyboard tray, and the task of really nailing your desk ergonomics can become downright daunting. If you work long hours in front of a computer, it’s [...]

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How do electric solar linear actuators allow solar panels to follow the Sun?

solar linear actuators A solar tracker has a tiltable rack that holds the PV panel, pivots or hinges, a stationary support, an actuator controller, and the linear actuator. The controller powers the linear actuator to extend or retract, thereby changing the tilt of the PV panel to follow the optimal sun orientation. Inside the linear actuator is [...]

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